Marketing Specialist

Iris Lamers

Marketing Specialist at Method Recruitment Group. Focussing on getting our brand out to market, and to improve client and candidate experience by adding unique value.

Where recruitment tends to have a very transactional nature, I’m passionate to show everyone how Method brings their vision, to elevate the reputation or the recruitment industry, to reality – human first.

My responsibilities include but are not limited to:
– Method’s yearly Salary Guide (data research, digital and physical product design, running campaigns towards clients and candidates via email, social media and google, market product at our events)
– Client and candidate retention and lead generation through Bullhorn Automation
– Maintaining Method’s data health through Bullhorn Automation
– Running all marketing around our events (such as client events and D&I roundtables)
– Social media branding and communication focussing on client, candidates and PRCs.
– Merchandise
– Communication and marketing around The Method Matters Show Podcast
– Contractor Marketing

My job perfectly combines my love for the creative field, communication and data analysis.

Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication & Multimedia Design (Avans University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands) and a minor in Audiovisual Media (Stuttgart Media University, Germany). As I love learning more about my vertical and keeping up to date with the industry, I’ve completed a Diploma of Social Media Management and a Diploma of Digital Marketing at IHBC Melbourne, Australia.

If you’d like to receive any marketing documents from Method, feel free to email me!