Meet The Team – Iris Lamers

We sat down with Iris Lamers, who talked about her passion for Marketing and her internship at Method Recruitment.
Hi Iris. What’s your role at Method?  

I work in Marketing for Method. So when you see our Method Page LinkedIn posts, or a Method email in your mailbox, it’s me running things behind the scenes!


What’s the best thing about your role?  

As Method has recently switched to marketing tool Hubspot, this means that I get to be a part of building the full marketing from scratch. There’s a lot to do but I love having the freedom given me. Currently I’m working on setting up email marketing campaigns and automate internal workflows to support Methods Consultants. I also manage the social media through Hubspot. When these projects are more advanced in their set up, there’s a whole list of new things to set up. 


What’s a recent moment you’re most proud of? 

I’ve created several visual documents for Method, one of them being a proposal document template. I went through a fair amount of feedback rounds and ended up with a document I’m very happy with – and I got great feedback. The template will now be used to create proposal documents that will be send out to clients which is always pretty exciting to see in action.  


Why did you join Method?   

I’m currently studying Social Media Management, part of this study program is doing an internship. My college uses a third party company called Outcome Life to match their students to companies. This is how I got in touch with Method. From the companies I spoke to I had the best feeling about Method. Reason being that they seemed like a very personal company with a lot of opportunities for me within Marketing. Turns out my gut feeling was right. As I am finishing my internship this week I will be staying with Method in a part-time Marketing position.  


How have you overcome the challenges when finding a job after university and during COVID? 

Finding a job can be hard after university. Also, add having a 3 year gap in your resume due to traveling and COVID and it becomes even more difficult. Then add being in an English speaking country and English not being your native language and it just adds another challenge. When I realised I wasn’t in the best position, I decided my best option would be to go back to school. I found a program that would add to my already existing toolbox and that included an internship. This is how I landed my job back in the field that I enjoy, here at Method. 


Have you ever met a famous person? 

I worked on festivals for 4 years while I was going to university. Before they started tightening the security it as very easy to go backstage as I had a general crew wristband. I didn’t go up to the artists often as I didn’t want to bother them. However, I did manage to meet Angus Young and Eminem – they were both super nice to me, so a great experience. 


Iris Lamers is always keen to connect with other marketing professionals. If you’d like to grab a coffee or come along to a networking event with Iris, you can connect with her here

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