What’s so Good About an Open Plan Workplace?

Open place workplaces and quirky-café-style-bring-your-own-laptop-dog friendly-shared office spaces are popping up all over Melbourne.

So, what’s all the fuss about?

Lots of larger firms have been using open floor plan offices for years, and many smaller companies are incorporating it into their design from the start – all to maximise resources and promote a better work culture.

Here are 5 advantages to working in an open plan workplace (that you might not have thought about before)

1.     Infectious Energy

There is nothing quite like the thriving energy of an open place workplace! Say goodbye to working in silence, feeling bored and Claustrophobic in your small office.

 “there’s a lot of energy that can be quite infectious and people feed off that which is great.” Greg Kouwiloyan, Director and Co-Founder of Method Recruitment.

Open plan workplaces are full of energy, laughter and all around good vibes! Working in a room and next to other productive, hard-working employees are going to maximise your efficiency individually and the teams’ productivity overall!

2.    Open communication

Shared office spaces break down barriers and reinforce open communication among team members. Need to ask a quick question or clarify a task? Just do it! No need to wait around for a formal typed email response. It also helps employees, from a junior level right up to senior management, to feel a part of one big team working together to achieve a common goal. #teamwork

3.    Creating a community

Open office floor plans build community and foster good working relationships. This automatically boosts the social aspect of your workplace, creating a community of hardworking, fun loving professionals. And if people like the work they’re doing and the team they’re working with, you’re not only going to improve company culture but also increase employee retention.

I feel that if you’re having a tough day, people will come over “Mate, you wanna go for a walk? Wanna have a coffee? How you doing?” and I think that’s very, very important” – Kouwiloyan.

Employees help and support each other – “The fact that there’s nowhere to hide to that degree” – Kouwiloyan.

4.    Reduced Construction Costs

Naturally, an open plan office space reduces construction cost and allows more flexibility for future – growing with you as your business grows.

5.    Collaboration

Collaboration is inherent to open plan office spaces! People bounce ideas off each other, talk more and learn from each other. Want your team to work better together? – Get an open place office, and you’ll see the benefits straight away!

As a Melbourne based Recruitment company, we LOVE working in an open plan office space, working together and collaborating! A day in the office is always fun, vibrant and productive.