Joe Breen

Since starting my full-time working career, I have always been in a sales environment: with experience across numerous industries. From the humbling start working as a tele-sales agent for a major UK mobile services provider; before later moving on to handling large Council and Government contracts. Fast forward a year and I was stuck into the hustle and bustle of a blue collar construction recruitment desk. 10,000 Miles away from home, in Sydney Australia. I am now working as a Recruitment Consultant, specialising in Salesforce.

Despite the stark contrast in the work, environments and clientele; I managed to find some very common themes across the board which I have used as a base framework throughout my career. No conversation is a waste of time. There will always be a potential relationship to bud or a lesson to learn. Being upfront and honest is a trait that will always be valued in the long-run; you can rest assured that you can take my word at face value.

I am currently working as a Recruitment Consultant for Method Recruitment in Melbourne. Fully focused on the Salesforce market.