Returning to a Mentally Healthy and Safe Workplace Post Lock-down

It is evident that now more than ever the mental wellness of our teams should be front of mind. We were privileged to have Dr Jay Spence the founder of Uprise, a mental health tech startup for businesses lead the conversation on what we can do to ensure a healthy and safe workplace post-lock-down. His […]

Considerations to Developing a Remote Working Policy

DEFINITIONS: Working devices – devices that are specific for work use Business systems – systems that are operated or managed by the organization Business systems accounts – the user accounts for business systems Personal accounts – the user accounts that are not for business systems   From a management perspective, you would like to achieve […]

Security & The Virtual Working World

DOES YOUR STAFF KNOW THE SECURITY RISKS OF BYOD & WFH? ARE YOUR PROCESSES ROBUST?   This Key Insights Document from our Cyber Security Webinar and key highlights the key topics that surrounded the discussion and suggest tools to mitigate the risks in remote working teams.   FUTURE PROOFING THE BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE (BYOD) HOME […]

Virtual Onboarding

How do we sell a non-salary benefit when we aren’t able to offer them in the present situation? Transition benefits and perks to online – move the wellbeing programs (e.g. boot camps, meditation) to an online session. Being aware of their situation – whether it’s too much family or full isolation – getting to have […]