Social Bleedia – 5 ways to reduce haemorrhaging cash in the early days

The cheeky Snapchat from your work counterpart, an Instagram photo of the office new guy on his first work night bender, the WhatsApp group comment that was so heavily stacked with winking emoji’s that it left you scratching your head …? It all sounds like fun but you have to carefully consider the content you post online and what it says about your brand. So how can you use these tools to your advantage to build a better business profile. Read on to find out our tips, tricks and lessons we’ve learnt along the way.

How to get the best results for your start-up:

1. Be selective and choose the right platforms to work with that’s right for your audience!

2. Community is a commodity – build your personal brand by growing your connections and followings.

3. Listen to your customers – feedback is important to build continuity around improved brand presence.

4. Don’t just put anything and everything on your social platform. Remember, this is an extension of you and your colleagues so, choose your content wisely

5. You may not like the way you look and sound but video blogging/advertising will help carry a message. Use every resource that is appealing to your target audience.

Limitless power – unlock your potential for free

As a co-founder of a recruitment start up, it can be challenging to work with limited resources and capabilities. Thankfully, tools like LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook (when properly used) can successfully promote your brand at very little cost. Advertising is key but can be very time consuming and costly. Learn to use social media right and discover the key to driving word of mouth referrals and brand awareness. Search for free tools which can help streamline your social platforms to consolidate your efforts so you don’t detract from what you should be doing day to day and keep cost low.

Check out some of our favourite, easy-to-use and free tools

Do the simple things well and build your personal brand so people remember and talk about your brand positively. Easier said than done hence why these 5 simple rules will fundamentally help you reach out to the right audience and make a lasting impression that will create a BUZZ early on…