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We sat down for a quick coffee break with Therese Tano, who talked about her specialism in Product, Delivery and Project Services and what motivates her to work hard. 


Hi Therese, what’s your role at Method?  

I talk and get to meet so many interesting people who are so passionate about what they do. At Method I am a Technology Recruitment Consultant. I am specialising in recruiting across the Product, Delivery and Project Services market. I help others find their dream jobs. Knowing that I will make a difference to someone else’s life is so fulfilling and rewarding. 


How did you end up specialising in the Product, Delivery and Project Services market?  

My previous company was setting up their product, delivery and project services desk at that time and I joined the team. Thinking back at it now, I couldn’t imagine myself recruiting for any other roles. I absolutely love building relationships with my Business Analysts, Project Managers, Delivery Managers, Product Managers. You know that feeling when you meet a new friend and you know straight away you’re going to enjoy and love getting to know them better because you just click. Recruitment is the same for me. I meet a new candidate or client and after just one initial conversation I know of another great person to introduce them too. It could be someone who might be looking for their skillsets or someone else working in their space. 


Do you have any recent project you like to share with us? 

Yes, I have an interesting project that most of you can relate to. One of my clients is re-building their Point Of Sale in house (Mobile Point of Sale and Self Service Kiosks). You may have used one of these while ordering movie tickets, picking food from an online menu at a self-serve fast food chain, at a self-checkout at your grocery store or at a self serve train ticket machine. Lots of businesses cut cost by reducing staff on the floor and customers reduces wait time.  


Why did you join method? 

When I met Ben and Steve, I knew in my heart that Method was the one for me. There is nothing better than working in a company with a great positive company culture, it is a place that’s more than just a pay check.  


What motivates you to work hard? 

Something I’ve recently been thinking about is motivation and personal goals. What fires me up and what gets me out of bed in the morning? Having a sense of purpose and responsibility. I feel directed in which my life is heading, it keeps me moving forward. Having a solid career and sense of responsibility I know I can pull myself out of just anything financially.   

If you ask what motivates me at work, my answer would be sharing my expertise to candidates and clients. They trust me enough to offer them the best unbiased job advise as I am always honest and transparent with them. Giving them insights and knowledge about the market for them to make the right decisions for their career.  


What’s the most exciting this that has happened so far this year? 

The fact that my partner and I are towards the end of finalising our floorplan as we are building our first house together next year, that’s pretty exciting. So if you catch me talking about house decors, furniture and house plans, you know the reason why.  


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