Meet The Team – Steve McCourt

Steve McCourt

We sat down for a quick coffee break with Steve McCourt, who talked about the beginning of Method and shared his best advice. 


Hi Steve. What’s your role at Method? 

I’m one of the founders at Method. I also manage the consultants that look after the Project / Product Delivery, Transformation and Data teams. I also maintain a busy project delivery recruitment desk.   


Why did you, Ben Brown and Greg Kouwiloyan decide to start Method Recruitment together? 

I had worked with Greg in the past and he introduced me to Ben during a social event. It quickly became apparent that we all had the same views on how we can add value to clients and candidates in such as a way that many of the large volume providers in our industry don’t provide. We’d all come across plenty of big egos and political game players during our time and collectivelywe just wanted to cut through the noise and get on with providing a quality of service, without having to waste time with internal politics. At a time soon after, we were all ready to back each other, to go ahead and start doing what we said we should. 


What is a little known fact about Method? 

We have probably the best offices in Melbourne. Hands Down! We’re lucky to have a balcony that you could fit 150 people on if you needed to and get sun for most of the day, so you can actually come to work and still work outside. Another would be that we have huge plant walls as well as loads of others scattered around. We virtually had a cut a path through the office last year, when we were allowed back in after the big lockdown.


What advice would you give your younger self, starting out in your career?  

Steer clear of the booze! 


What is your favourite drink?  

Guinness (See above). 

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