Meet The Team – Matt Hammerton

We sat down for a quick catch up with our Cyber Security Consultant Matt, who has previously worked in a SOC.  He shares how he started the Australian Infosec Collective which is a pro-bono group he’s set up to assist small businesses.

Hi Matt, why did you choose your specialisation?

Cyber security is one of the most interesting, dynamic and rapidly changing areas of IT. The people are fascinating and the technology changes on a near monthly basis!

How did you end up specialising in cyber security?

I joined a Technical Cyber Security Consultancy fresh out of university in the UK. The business had an external recruitment team that I joined. Sitting so close to the techies really helped me specialise in cyber – security operations especially.

What do you tell your mates about Method?

It’s the most fun group of people I have ever worked with. The culture is unbelievable and the goals are ambitious which makes the best environment.

What keeps you at Method?

The people.

What’s your favourite thing about your career so far?

Over the past 12 months I have built out a group of security professionals offering pro-bono cyber security advice to independently owned Australian businesses.  This was born out of the urgent need to move online last year. I found many small business owners weren’t aware or equipped with the know-how to transfer to working remote safely.  I loved that my network of experts were keen to provide pro-bono support, so set up the AIC to connect these two groups together.

Join the Australian Infosec Collective Group on Linkedin to get involved!

Favourite drink?

I like big heavy IPAs that make you squint.

Get in touch with Matt to talk more about recruiting top class cyber security professionals to your team, or if you’re a SOC Analyst looking for your next move in the finance, defense or telco sector.

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