Meet The Team – Kate Illsley

Header Kate Illsley

It has been 5 years at Method this month for Kate, so we asked her about what its been like to experience Method’s growth.  


Hi Kate. What’s your role at Method? 

I’m our Client and Partnership Experience Manager. This means that I look after our existing clients from a recruitment perspective, and so much more.  

I love creating retention reports and salary surveys and acting as an extension of our clients’ HR team. I have assisted clients with advice on running hackathons, helped set up twitter attraction strategies for Engineering teams, facilitated networking events, provided tools for reducing unconscious bias in hiring, and helped flesh out (and showcase) the cultural benefits of working for an organisation.   

Additionally, I love that I can design my own day at work.


Can you tell us something fun about your role?  

Office tours! I’ve seen some really cool workplaces that boast things like: 

  • Ice cream machines 
  • A French chef in the shared kitchen 
  • Dogs… so many dogs! 
  • Elaborate plant walls with rainforest bird sounds 
  • Cosy fireplaces 
  • Traditional Australian place names for meeting rooms 
  • Giant teddy bears 
  • Mini Golf  
  • Book Club Bookshelves  

Can’t wait to get out and about visiting around Melbourne again!  

You’ve been with Method for 5 years already! How have you experienced Method’s growth? 

I was the second Consultant to join Method back in the startup days when we all sat around a desk with our laptops. Now we have over 30 Methodonians and our very own office! 

I’m so proud of the way Ben, Steve and Greg have always put us first and included us in the decision making that shaped Method every step of the way. If there is a new annual strategy to be planned we literally have the butchers paper out scribbling away together! 


What do you do outside of work that you are passionate about?  

If you’ve met me you’ll know if there’s any chance I can talk about women in tech, you’re going to have your ear chewed off!   

The word passionate gets thrown around a lot and the meaning has become a bit more watered down in the modern use, but I genuinely get tears in my eyes with passion for attracting, supporting and retaining women in technology careers. I’m so grateful I have the support of the VIC ICT for Women organisation in order to run one of their programs – Grad Girls. Our mission is to help students studying higher education STEM to discover the pathways available to them as they take the first step in their careers.   


Favourite DIY project?  

Sewing custom jumpers for my rescue greyhound Cookie.  

Shameless Instagram plug @cookie.the.greyhound  

If you’re in P&C and looking to bolster your team’s plan for attracting and retaining your people, reach out to Kate for a brainstorming session on getting ahead of your competitors, or to chat about some fresh ideas to incorporate into your strategy.

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