Meet The Team – Jack Stewart

We sat down with Jack, who talked about his passion for his work and shared a recent partnership with a fast-growing Edutech Saas business.

Hi  Jack, whats  your role at Method? 

Technology Consultant, recruiting roles across Product, Delivery & Business Analysis. I enable businesses to adapt and transform in the ever-changing IT Landscape. I recruit evenly across both contract and permanent roles. 


What’s the best thing about your role? 

It would have to be partnering with a fast-growing Edutech SaaS business that were strategically scaling their technology team during COVID-19. I helped place 2 Delivery Managers and consult on a Senior Product Manager. These were new roles within the business and extremely important to their strategic growth. Thus requiring individuals that had set up product capability & delivery framework in greenfield environments. It was humbling to receive positive feedback from the hiring manager regarding the way the process was run, as well as from my candidates in how I represented the company and looked after their best interests. 


What’s the best thing about your role?   

Being able to help people and make their lives easier in an industry that can be stressful and overly complicated. I often hear feedback that hiring in a candidate-short market or looking for a new role can be difficult at the best of times. 

Seeing businesses grow and careers develop as a result of your hard work is very satisfying. I am a people person, and the relationships that I am able to build can’t be beat. 


What keeps you at  Method? 

The culture and the care the company has for its people. The Directors really believe in their company mission which creates buy-in across the organisation. They do their upmost to create opportunity for their people and genuinely want to see them succeed. 

How a company treats its people during a global pandemic speaks volumes. Method did everything it could to look after its employees and give them confidence in where the business was heading. We have now come out the other side much stronger. That is in no small part due to the way the Directors empowered their team and strategically hired during 2020. 


What motivates  you to work hard? 

To allow me to spend time with the people that I love and do things I really enjoy doing – travelling and experiencing the foreign / unknown.

I don’t see my career simply as a facilitator for my non-professional lifestyle, but rather a passion in itself. I get a lot of satisfaction out of growing myself and continue making steps to what is next in my career, picking up new skills and personal attributes that help me continue to grow as a person. As my brother used to say, honour the work! 


Favourite sports team? 

The Adelaide Crows. Growing up in NRL heartland Canberra, I wasn’t exposed to the game till I was 8 years old. My Dad coming from South Australia, I flew over to Adelaide for the ‘98 Grand Final and hopped right on the bandwagon. It’s been an up and down 20 years since then – I am forever the optimist. 


Get in touch with Jack Stewart to talk more about  recruiting top class  Product, Delivery & Analysis professionals to your team, or if you’re an IT professional  looking for your next move in Melbourne’s technology sector.