Meet The Team – Greg Kouwiloyan

Greg Kouwiloyan

Co founder and Director Greg Kouwiloyan talks about empowering his team by giving them a voice and creative freedom to be entrepreneurial. 


Hi Greg. What’s your role at Method? 

I’m the Co founder at Method and the current Director of the Accounting and Finance division, yet a proud business owner and hands on Recruiter.

Whilst early in my role during the start up days I was wearing many hats including marketing, culture and brand building, I take great pride knowing the people I work alongside care about their peers and candidate / client communities and that make me a proud business owner.


What’s the best thing about your role?

Actually coming to work with people that want to make a difference! And I don’t just mean my immediate team. Everyone between the Tech, Marketing and internal back of house teams has a care factor beyond anything I have seen in my previous employers and that transcends into their days today. It doesn’t have to be the grandiose gesture. For instance, the smallest piece of advice, guidance and help can have a huge impact on someone and we do that well.


How is Method Recruitment unique from any other recruitment agency?

That’s an easy question to answer and it’s simply the people. Our Meth-Heads (not to be mistaken other than our employees 😅). They enjoy what they do and have a passion for the craft. Recruitment can be made simple and rewarding, and that’s what we have continued to focus on. It’s a tough job when things aren’t going your way. Because of this, we have built an environment that support success, growth and self development.


How do you inspire and support Method’s finance team?

As much as I would like to say I inspire my immediate team through profound motivational gestures, the truth is they continue to impress and inspire me, and I feed off that.

If there’s one tangible thing I bring everyday without fail is oodles of positive energy! I want to lift the team even on rough days, as not everything goes as planned. Then I’ll be there to support and give them the nudge they need to overcome that challenge.

Giving my team a voice and creative freedom to be entrepreneurial whilst adding that flair of innovation is what makes me happy. I want them to contribute, both culturally and towards their personal and professional goals. That gives me the inspiration I need to bring the noise and energy each day.


What advice would you give your younger self, starting out in your career?

If I were talking to my younger self 15 years ago as I’m about to embark upon my recruitment career, I would sit myself down and say this:

“Mate, it’s going to be rocky first 6 months, but persevere, learn as much as you can. Listen to the people that do it well, learn to be resilient and enjoy the mini wins when they surface because it’s going to be a career you will love!”

Favourite record?

Arctic Monkeys – Balaclava – Favourite Worst Nightmare … Alex Turner is a Rock and Roll hero.

This tune is an absolute Saturday afternoon belter!

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