Meet The Team – Gabrielle Cassidy

Gabrielle Cassidy

With Black Friday and Christmas shopping coming up, Cyber Security consultant Gabrielle shares her tips and tricks on how to protect your data when purchasing online. 


Hi Gabrielle. What’s your role at Method? 

I’m a Security Specialists here at Method with a focus on Governance, Risk, Compliance, Security Architecture and Networking.  I partner with clients to understand their gaps, team culture and strategic direction. I match requirements with individuals in my network, whilst understanding their motivations and career goals.


How did you end up specialising in Cyber Security? 

I have always gravitated towards Cyber Security roles, I find the space really interesting as the landscape is forever changing. Security is so important as it effects every individual as well as businesses and nations.  

What’s a recent moment you’re most proud of?  

Most recent would be placing a young female candidate that recently relocated to Australia to complete her Cyber Security studies, I was lucky enough to offer her guidance on her CV and assist with interview preparation, which assisted her secure the role.   

She has been with the company for a few months and last week the CIO nominated her for an award. She loves her role and every time we catch up her happiness makes my day!  


Why did you join Method?

A few months prior to hearing about the role at Method, I was catching up with a client and they were talking about a great Melbourne Cyber Security recruiter by the name of Matthew Hammerton… When this opportunity arose, I jumped at the chance to work with Matt, he is not only a great guy but is very knowledgeable in the Cyber Industry.  

Also, during the interview process I met with the Directors (Ben, Steve & Greg) and Kate Ilsley, they’re all very likeable characters.  

You share Security updates on your LinkedIn page! How do you keep up to date and can you tell us a major Security news update?   

I get news in all different including expanding my network with others on LinkedIn, subscribing to news channels such as “the hacker news”, listening to podcasts including Claire Pales “The Secure collective” and talking to candidates and clients every day.  

Coming into Christmas and retail focused holidays such as Black Friday, it’s always good to remind people to stay vigilant with online shopping (particularly with current restrictions). This time of year, is particularly bad for online shopping scammers to get access to personal information, protecting yourself can be as simple as: 

  • Being aware of fake sellers (Check URL, business name, Logos.) 
  • Buy from trusted sites or sellers (Secure sites have padlocks in URL) 
  • Only paying through secure methods such as PayPal, Afterpay etc. 

Happy shopping!

Tell us something your clients and colleagues do not know about you.   

I come from a large family, with over 40 first cousins!  

Get in touch with Gabrielle to talk more about recruiting Cyber Security professionals to your team. Or if you’re a Cyber Security professional and looking for your next move. Please reach out to catch up for a confidential discussion.  

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