Meet The Team – Callum Fry

We sat down for a quick coffee break with Callum Fry, who talked about the amazing performance of his team and his start up, StartupSuite. 

Hi  Callum.  What’s  your role at Method? 

lead the Engineering and technical specialist team. Personally, I look after all opportunities across Senior Engineering, general Architecture and all things testing and Quality Assurance. 


What’s  the best thing about your role?  

I have been in this game for 10 years now, I still love making placements. But I would say, especially this year, I am really enjoying working closely with my team. The agency has had huge growth in the last 6-9 months. For instance, most of my team are new to Method. They have settled in incredibly well and smashing their goals. They have caught me off guard to be honest, I need to increase my expectations of them…. 


What’s a recent moment you’re most proud of? 

Aside from being a new Dad?  

Workwise, recently it would be helping a candidate find a job and relocating his family to Australia during the Covid period. There is always a lot at stake and plenty of moving pieces when helping a candidate to move to a country and finding them a job. Not to mention helping their family relocate as well. It’s always a solid win.  

I am also immensely proud how the team have performed this year. As mentioned before, the majority are all new to Method. They have done very very well, and in doing so made me look good! I could not ask for much more from them! 


If you had to choose 1 Method value, which one do you think you embody the most and why? 

I would pick Family, and it is not because I like sitting around a campfire and sing songs (I’m sure I would not hesitate to do this), but its more the fact I try to keep myself and others honest in the day-to-days at Method. Calling out poor behaviours and encouraging great behaviours. There have been a lot of wins across the business lately, so I try to be the one clapping and celebrating the loudest. I’m a big advocator of making sure wins are celebrated, and if it means having a few beers, well then, I’m more than happy to participate 


You’re very active in the tech world outside of Method, could you tell us about your start up? 

Sure, my tech co-founder and I are designing and building a SaaS offering for start-up’s, called StartupSuite. My co-founder and I have been working on a few projects over the years. One of the biggest challenges we saw when starting a project was to understand if the “idea” had commercial sense, could it make money? Would it be a sustainable business? Knowing that 90+% of start-up’s fail for assorted reasons, we wanted to create a product which would help increase the likelihood of the start-up’s success. We checked out the market, and there are a few businesses that provide a similar service. However, all seem quite dated, very one dimensional. StartupSuite will provide the user the ability to create their financial model and business plan within a few hours, there is also a ton of other cool features we are working on which will help the founder(user) to stay focused on growing their start-up. It’s all a work in progress, but a fun one to do outside of recruitment life. 

Working closely with our tech team allows me some great insights into the field I recruit across. Having regular insight into the complexities of cloud technologies, microservices, object orientated programming, front end performance, security, scalability issues and user flows, not to mention working with common tech tools allows me to gain some relevant insight into my candidates and clients day-to-day in technology. 


How would your colleagues describe you? 

Great question. I think they would say I’m chilled and bring a positive vibe to the office. I would hope they recognise the hard-working side of me, it is not all fun and games (I do try my best to make it though). 

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