Meet The Team – Andrew Collier

We sat down with our Head of Client Growth, Andrew Collier, who is the bridge between our consultants and clients. 

Hi  Andrew.  What’s  your role at Method? 

They call me the chief pest. Seriously though I’m the Head of Client Growth which basically means, as a client, I’m the guy you’re speaking to when you need support above and beyond your internal means to fill roles across Tech, Product and Data. I’m out there getting to know clients, understanding their business models, where there are gaps in their teams and helping them create plans to solve business challenges. I’m also preaching the good word about Method, why we do what we do, our value proposition and track record. 

Think bridge between our consultants who deliver people and the clients who need them. 


What’s  the best thing about your role?  

Meeting, connecting with and understanding people. Human connection is one of the fundamental rules to a happy life so I’m blessed that I get to connect with awesome people every day. 


How did you move from Client Growth Manager to Head of Client Growth? 

When the pandemic whacked us last year I took it upon myself to push the business through the mud and out the other side. I guess my work got noticed 🙂 


What is a little known fact about Method?  

We hired 6 people last year growing our head count during the pandemic!


What advice would you give your younger self, starting out in your career?   

Hard work for hard works sake doesn’t necessarily pay dividends. What does pay, is to plan first then work smarter not necessarily harder. Spend time getting to know what works for you and what doesn’t and once you find your flow, automate as much as possible so you can get to that state quickly and regularly 


What’s  the most daring thing you’ve ever done?  

I chased a woman across the globe to the US after knowing her for 4 weeks and hiked through the mountains for 3 months with her. And yep, we are still together. 

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