Meet The Team – Alexandra Jessop

We sat down with Alexandra Jessop who shared her love for coaching Software Engineers through the interview process to secure their dream job.

Hi Alex, what’s your role at Method? 

At Method I’m a Senior Talent Manager in the Software Engineering space. I partner with Engineering Managers to find the right fit for their team & vision. Mostly these are Mid-Senior roles in opensource technologies with a cloud element.  


What’s the best thing about your role?  

I love helping Engineers who may not be as confident in interviewing, but have incredible skills. I’m a non-technical person, so I love to empower individuals to coach on the process and how to put their best selves forward. This way the Engineer can “interview” the company and make sure it’s the right role for them.  


How did you end up specialising in Software Engineering? 

I never thought I’d be working in tech, as I’m pretty useless with anything tech related! When I moved into this specialised area, I found my natural curiosity helped me learn quickly & I am so passionate about recruitment processes it was a “Ying and Yang” type partnership with Engineers.  


What do you tell your mates about Method?  

I don’t shut up about Method! I’ve never been so encouraged to be myself in a business & for that I’m super grateful. We have the ability to be Agile & in an industry as ever-changing as technology it really helps us stay ahead & stand out.  


What motivates you to work hard? 

A high-performing culture & our Family values.  


How would your colleagues describe you? 

Passionate, spontaneous & obsessed with all things lunar.  


Get in touch with Alexandra Jessop to talk more about recruiting top class Software Engineering professionals to your team, or if you’re a Software Engineer looking for your next move.   

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