Key Qualities of a developer – What Clients are really looking for


Alongside having the right skill set, qualifications and experience for the job, there are some key qualities that clients are looking for when it comes to the IT space and it’s more than just knowing the latest javascript.

Qualities such as being personable, relatable and genuine are key attributes that will help land you a job in any field – and the IT industry is no exception. Developers aren’t just sitting in the corner coding anymore, so being able to effectively communicate and build quality connections with those around you will help you stand out from the crowd and get you the dream job you’re after.

Clients “don’t want robots, they just want genuine, nice people, who they can have a chat with or they can go to the pub for a beer with” says Lauren Tattersall, experienced IT Consultant.

Consultant Kate Issley says “Clients want someone with a personality – apart from setting aside the technical requirements – it’s more about can you work in an agile team environment?” More and more, we’re hearing that clients that want developers that can fit in with the culture and energy of the company – working together and collaboratively with other people in the team. “Communications and being involved in community” is important says Issley because that’s what builds the company culture and the employees are paramount in fostering a good company culture.

But more so than just being involved in the team – communication is a vital quality for software developers and IT candidates to possess from a professional development perspective. It’s important to be able to communicate with the rest of the team and even with directors and supervisors outside of your team that might not be as fluent in technical language as what you are. Illsley says clients are wanting to know “Can you speak in a way that maybe someone who’s non-technical can understand, dealing with the wider business?”.