How to Prepare for a Job Interview

with Anya Loukina

As recruiters we are constantly interviewing with candidates to learn more about them – their role, their experience, their career goals and dreams. Presenting well in an interview, articulating accurately your experience and forming a good rapport with your interviewer can have a big influence on whether or not you get the job.

Alongside the standard necessities like arriving on time and dressing neatly, here our top tips to help land you the job.

1.    Do your homework

“Find out about the company, find out about the growth, find out about the background and the role”

Research the company your interviewing with – understand their values, practises, culture and methods. Look into their recent projects, read their website, investigate the software and tools they use. The more you can understand your employer, the more equipped you’ll be to answer their questions relevant to the role and your experience.

2.    “Confidence and Knowledge”

Once you’ve done your homework, you’ll have the right knowledge to make you prepared for their questions. You can then formulate your responses accordingly using the STAR interviewing technique. Being prepared will make you feel confident in what you’re talking about. Then it’s about knowing how you fit into the space and what resources, skills and experience you can offer relative to what they’re looking for.

3.    Building a genuine connection

It’s all about creating a good rapport with your potential employer. Your CV shows your skills and experience – your interview shows your personality and how you relate and interact with others. Employers want to know that you’ll be a nice, genuine and fun person that will fit in with their work culture.

“Just be yourself; have a laugh; find out about that person and break down those barriers earlier on”

4.    You’re the talent

Change your train of thought. A job interview is a two way street. They need you just as much you need them, so be confident!

Stop stressing. You’re the talent-they need you.”

Without you, they are missing out. So go in there and be yourself. Be inquisitive, attentive, articulate your past experience, skills and how it is relevant to the role you’re applying for. Think about what can offer the company and what you want back in return.


If you’re currently looking for your next opportunity, hit us up! We’re more than happy to help you on your career journey.