D&I Challenges Whitepaper


At the end of 2021, Method Recruitment’s Diversity & Inclusion Manager and Employee Experience Manager Kate Illsley hosted their first roundtable event about D&I Challenges. We took the takeaways from this discussion with thought leaders.

A small selection of takeaways discussed in white paper from the virtual event:

  • A “narrative” format rather than bullet points and checklists within job adverts is more attractive to a wider scope of candidates.
  • Facilitate “returnship” programmes that bring women back into the workforce, training them in specific skill areas that result in role appointments.
  • Build relationships that mean female employees can have “safe space” conversations, and instill trust that their concerns will be heard and actioned.
  • Promote and profile stories of achievements from women, showing others that success as a woman in the industry is achievable.

Want to receive the Whitepaper? Need help with D&I? Or just want to brainstorm? Contact Jane Bithell here.