Meet The Team – Jeffrey Alcock

Jeffrey Alcock

Jeff doesn’t just impress us with his moustache, but also with his amazing DevOps & Cloud recruitment skills. 


Hi Jeff. What’s your role at Method? 

I’m the resident Cloud / DevOps / SRE recruiter – focusing on Engineers up to Managers and Architects within the Cloud space. 


How did you end up specialising in DevOps & Cloud? 

I’ve been recruiting for 6 years within technology, starting in the UK then moving to Melbourne in 2018. I started recruiting for Software Developers, and in the last year saw a massive increase in demand for Cloud skills throughout Melbourne. I made the switch from focusing on Devs to DevOps due to this demand and haven’t looked back! There is still a lot more to learn about the Cloud market as I am just scratching the surface. 

Do you have a recent project you’d like to share with us? 

I’ve been working with a major national eCommerce client on a number of Statement of Work requirements over the last few months. My client was not having any success bringing on DevOps Engineers using their usual recruitment process, so moved to engage with me on an SOW. This has allowed us to successfully partner with several teams within the organisation and has allowed them to get much needed resources into the team in excellent timeframes. 


What was your first impression of Method and did we live up to it?    

Great workplace, supportive managers and a great team. It’s a relaxed and mature attitude here, mostly because everyone knows what they need to do, and gets it done! The best part is the office, and the balcony overlooking Melbourne.  

How are you managing to work from home with a (very cute!) baby in the house?   

Working from home full time can be challenging at times with the little one, especially as he is now starting to crawl around and doing his best to knock over anything not bolted to the floor! 

In all seriousness this is the best time for me to be working remotely. As a team we have a formal catch up every few days to keep on track with work. Being at home gives me that extra time to spend with the little one as he is developing every day.  

First thing you’ll do when lockdown is lifted?  

… Straight to the rooftop bar unfortunately… Campari anyone? 

Get in touch with Jeff to talk more about recruiting top class DevOps & Cloud professionals to your team, or if you’re a DevOps/Cloud Engineer or Leader who is looking for their next move in the tech sector.  

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